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Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk


The list of services, granted by CCI of Pushkin and Pavlovsk
1.Services granted for members of Chamber on account of the introductory and member instalments:

  • The publication of information about members in the "Newsletter of CCI of Pushkin & Pavlovsk ";
  • Granting of the E-mail address on the mail server of Chamber;
  • Placing of the information materials of members on the stand of Chamber;
  • Granting of the operating information about new business - offers, arriving to Chamber;
  • Placing of member's banner on the page of members of CCI in the Internet;

2. Services on a charge granted for the members Chamber and for organizations, which not being the members of Chamber:

  • Global promotion of the goods and services of customer in the system of Chambers of commerce and industry of the World;
  • Placing of information in the newspaper of CCI " Novosti Rynka ", distributed in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad area;
  • Granting of information about the prices of Global and Russian market under the certain nomenclature of the goods;
  • Realization of marketing researches under the review of markets, granting of offers from foreign and domestic-owned firms;
  • Evaluation of business, real estate, machines and equipment;
  • Search of the potential partners, realization of exploratory talks according to requests of the customer, granting of the report about made operation;
  • Direction of the requests to organization: drawing up of the requests (including in foreign languages) and dispatch by fax or by E-mail;
  • Drawing up of the agreements, business - plans and investment projects (including in foreign languages);
  • Granting of all kinds of legal services (including audit and management in Arbitration Court);
  • Quality control and check of an amount of the goods;
  • Definition of the code of the import and export goods under the Documentary nomenclature of foreign trade activities for the customs purposes;
  • Definition the country of origin of the goods;
  • Definition of belonging of the export goods which are being a subject to special customs regulation, according to the legislations;
  • Control behind safety of the consignment loading and unloading from transport;
  • Definition of mass of the consignment till a sea-gauge of a vessel;
  • Definition of cost of the goods (market, residual, full reduction, investment etc.);
  • Evaluation of the damage, caused to the insured, under of approach of insured accident owing to damage of the goods, full or partial loss;
  • Researches and development of the recommendations in the field of management;
  • Operations in the field of transport-warehouse and common logistics of the enterprise;
  • The analysis, correction and optimization of business processes on all stages;
  • "Docking" of Western and Russian methods of business;
  • Commercialization of the High-Tech projects, re-engineering of the state enterprises, conversion of Military-Industrial Complex etc..;
  • Creation of a high-speed web - server for organizations and enterprises with the developed software for support of electronic commerce;
  • Patenting and registration of the intellectual property in Russia and abroad;
  • Representation in court on problems of protection of the intellectual property;
  • Preparation of the license offers on sale of high technology products for promoting abroad;
  • Various kinds of insurance services;
  • Registration of the entrance visas to Russia from any country of the world;
  • Booking of places in hotels of St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Pushkin, Pavlovsk;
  • Tours ещ St.-Petersburg, it suburbs and to other cities of Russia;
  • Granting of services of the licensed guides and interpreters;
  • Transport service, order an air and railway tickets;
  • Organization business - meeting, tours under the applications, tourist trips to countries of Europe,
  • And also many other services.

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