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Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk
Department of expert valuations

Chief of Department
Alexander Liovochkin
Alexander Liovochkin

Department works under the Law of Russian Federation No. 135-FZ «Abour valuation activity in Russian Federation»


Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk is engaged in granting of estimated services from the moment of the beginning of development of estimated activity in Russia.

For this time our clients became more than three hundred companies. Due to this we have an opportunity to work with highly skilled experts, and also if necessary to perform work according to the international and national standards.

CCI gives all most claimed kinds of estimated services:

  • An estimation of real estate
  • An estimation of business (enterprises)
  • An estimation of securities (including shares of the enterprises and banks)
  • An estimation of the equipment and vehicles,
  • An estimation of non-material actives and investment projects
  • An estimation with the purpose of re-structuring debts
  • An estimation at carrying out of procedures of bankruptcy
  • An estimation of the rights of the requirement, obligations (debts), etc.
  • Reassessment of a fixed capital of the enterprises.

The estimation is claimed in the following cases:

  • Sale and purchase of the enterprise (business) or his share, and also property complexes
  • Development of long-term plans of development of the company and a substantiation of administrative decisions,
  • Mortgaging maintenance of credits,
  • A substantiation of investment projects,
  • Confirmation of the international financial reporting,
  • Re-structuring of debts,
  • Entering contributions in share capital,
  • Realization of additional issue of shares,
  • Bankruptcy,
  • Liquidation of the enterprise,
  • Customs purposes

Main principles of our activity are:

  • Deep understanding of business of the client
  • Minimization of expenses of the client on an estimation due to careful planning and the organization of works
  • Revealing and granting to the client of recommendations on increase of efficiency of use of objects of an estimation
  • Continuous support of the client at use of results of an estimation
  • Quality assurance of design decisions and the reporting under the project.

Our approaches to estimated works are based on the international and national professional standards, including on the Internal standards of an estimation accepted in the company and corresponding to modern international requirements, and also on standards of the financial reporting and the legislative norms established in the Russian Federation, and confirmed with successful practice of an estimation for many years.

Estimated works are carried out in all territory of the Russian Federation practically in all industries.

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