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Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk
Investment's projects


The chamber of commerce and industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk has unique region of the activity- the brilliant suburbs of St.-Petersburg decorated with parks and palaces, region, where more than three hundred objects are included in World heritage of UNESCO.

Pushkin is one from the most favorable cities for development of tourism not only in Russia, but also in Baltic region and all Europe. Hereafter it can become one from the most dynamic developing places of tourism in Europe.

Except the cultural and tourist significance, the region has surprised convenient layout for the transport, - two airports - Pulkovo and Pushkin, large railway junction, intersection of automobile transport trunks, close layout of seaport, developed electric- and gas-supply, that allows to develop various kinds of transport-logistics and clean-ecological industry.

Unique the structure of population of Pushkin is, where from 100 000 inhabitants - 20 000 are students. 6 Universities (Agrarian, Leningrad regional, Military-space, Naval, Military-constructing, Legal), number of research establishments and institutes.

The investments in such region, can be attractive for e investors.

The Chamber of commerce and industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk is ready to support all actual business - projects

Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo), Pavlovsk - as the centre of international tourism.

From data of UNESCO, St.-Petersburg is unique city of Russia, which enters in the first ten world centres on attractiveness for tourists. About 30 millions foreign citizens express readiness to visit it.

The town of Pushkin with number of the 100 thousands inhabitants is visited annually on the average by more than 1,6 million tourists. Town of Pavlovsk totals 25 thousand inhabitants, the tourist stream makes more than 1 mln. tourists per year.

The annual International Tsarskoselsky Carnival is attractive for tourists .

Effect from existing tourism

In St.-Petersburg the tourism brings only as the taxes to the federal and urban budget more then billion dollars.

Strengths of Pushkin and Pavlovsk as planned centres of tourism

  • High degree of transport availability concerning objects of external transport maintenance - railway stations, seaport and airport. The development of Pushkin and Pavlovsk is promoted by geographical layout of cities: Baltic region, marine and river ports, airport Pulkovo, near main trunks - interurban Moscow (-10) and international Kiev highway (Warsaw, Berlin, Kiev, Odessa - (-20)), railway, and also ring-highway of St.-Petersburg, the airport "Pushkin" of business - tourism and tourist road service station;
  • Short time (15 minutes) path from Pushkin and Pavlovsk up to the airport Pulkovo. Through this airport - Pushkin and Pavlovsk are connected with more than 60 cities of CIS and more than 20 cities of Europe. 8 European capitals and 11 Russian cities have the daily line with Pulkovo.
  • Availability of territorial advantage and possibilities of layout of the hotel enterprises of various categories: motels - along automobile lines, or on outskirts of city; campings, tourist villages, tourist-bases - in country district intended for accommodation of usual and auto-tourists;
  • Pushkin and Pavlovsk have large possibilities for development of already successfully acting business on realization of fairs, carnivals and festivals. Success of the Tsarskoselsky Carnival reached for the last years, have involved attention of the numerous leaders of the most different carnivals of the world. Tsarskoe Selo - place for realization of entertainment measures of broad scale.
  • The known historical events of Russia are connected with Tsarskoe Selo. Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) - the historical birthplace of two main industrial systems of Russia - transport and power. In 1837 the Tsarskoselskaya railway was open in Tsarskoe Selo, which is the first railway in Russia. Tsarskoe Selo- first city in Europe, which was covered by an electricity.

The main weak parties of Pushkin and Pavlovsk as planned centres of tourism.

  • Practically full absence of hotel complexes;
  • Defect of evening places of rest and entertainments;

Multifunctional International business - park SHUSHARY THE INVESTMENT PROJECT
Multifunctional International business - park

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