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Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk
Department of examination and certification

Under realizations of control and examination the Pushkin Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents itself as independent organization. On a commercial basis under the applications of Russian and foreign organizations the employees of departments carry out:
- Contract (on fulfilment of the contract terms):
- Examination for the correspondence determination of the goods on an amount, quality, marks, like in requests of the contract;
- Survey of a containers , holds of ships and coaches condition, before loading consignments in;
- Determination of availability index of the equipment while in service.
- Customs (for the customs purposes):
- Identification of the goods;
- Determination of the goods code;
- Fixing of a packing condition, amount and the goods condition at the moment of transfer (obtaining) on a warehouse of a temporary storage on customs territory;
- The selection of the goods exemplar for a laboratory research;
- Determination of the export and import goods belonging to the nomenclature of the goods, being a subject to special customs regulation;
- Determination of availability index of automobiles;
- The sertificate of the erasure fact of the goods were in customs regime of an erasure;
- Account of norms of an product output of processing and expending of raw material.
-Insurance (for the insurance companies):
- Evaluation of the damage, caused to the insured, when approach of insured accident owing to damage of the goods is.

-Bank (for banks):
- Quantifying, quality and estimated cost of property, transmitted to the lien.

- Examination, defining the reasons of the goods defects derivation under transportation.

- Consumer: - Examination of the goods quality, second-hand used (determination of the derivation reason of defects and - or loss of quality , when the defects availability is).

- Estimated.:
Determination of main kinds of the goods cost for the purposes.:
- Purchasing and sales.;
-Sales during the limited period of time.;
- Uses as maintenance of the credit obligations.;
- For drawing up of the financial and accounting reporting and documentation (revaluation of fixed capital assets, creation of the authorized capital and solution of junction roblems and sharing of the companies).;
- The state-of-the-art review..

As agreed with the customer the Pushkin CCI also carries out other kinds of examination, and consultation about the goods examination problem, about registration of the contracts in a part of requests to quality, marks both packing of the goods and their acceptance.

Pushkin CCI:
- Realizes the sertificate of the documents connected to problems of foreign trade activities, including the sertificate of the Russian goods origin.;
- Realizes the export and inward cargos declaration.;
- Carries out consultations about customs clearance..

The expert's reports, composed by the experts of Chamber, can be the main documents, giving the right to declare of the claim to the suppliers, including foreign, they are recognized as the demonstrative documents in arbitration organizations.

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