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Vsyo te dje myi: nam tseliy mir tchugbina; Otechestvo nam Tsarskoe Selo... Alexander Pushkin

The Palaces and Parks of Tsarskoye Selo

Catherine Park

Catherine Park is a wonderful work of the Russian art of gardening from the 18th and 19th centuries, which combines the masterpieces of architecture with the beauty of the transforming nature of the north.
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In its landscaping one can find the features of different garden styles.
The Regular part of the park lies between the Catherine Palace, the Great Pond and the Cascade ponds. It is created according to Rastrelli's design and constructed by the master gardener Ya Rekhlin. It's historic name is the Old Garden. It was originally planted at the beginning of the 18th century in front of the palace of Catherine I. In the 1750's the park was decorated with numerous entertaining pavilions. The landscaping was designed in the second half of the 18th century and is situated beyond the Cameron Gallery. During the same period of time, the park was being filled with architectural designs which revived the forms of military monuments of ancient Rome and the style of the medieval buildings as well as Chinese motifs.The Grand Caprice connects the Catherine Park and Alexander Park


The fountain. "The Girl With the Jug" (Sculptor P. Sokolov, 1816) The Upper Bath Pavilion. Designed by I.Neyelov 1777-80
Marble Bridge (Architect V. I. Neyelov, 1770 - 1776) The Grotto (Architects F. Rastrelli, A. Rinaldi, 1771)
Marble Bridge (Architect V. I. Neyelov, 1770 - 1776) Cameron Gallery (Architect Charles Cameron, 1783 - 1786)
Cameron Gallery (Architect Charles Cameron, 1783 - 1786) Cameron Gallery (Architect Charles Cameron, 1783 - 1786)
The Grotto (Architects F. Rastrelli, A. Rinaldi, 1771) The Chesme Column. Designed by A.Rinaldi 1771-78
The Turkish Bath Pavilion.Designed by I.Monighetti 1850-52 The Hermitage (Architects M. Zemtsov, A. Kvasov, S. Chevakinsky, F. Rastrelli, 1744 - 1776)
Church wing of Big Palace 1756 Large hall of Big Palace
Liceum Greece Hall of Big Palace
Big Palace (Architects F. Rastrelli) Smart Hall of Liceum


Alexander Park


Alexander Park consists of 188 square hectares, and is divided into two parts, the Regular (new park) and the Landscape park. The first was the project of N. Jurar, under the direction of master gardeners K. Shreder and M. Kondakov. The Landscape park is located where once was the Menagerie, the part of the forest which was designated for wild animals and designed as an English Landscape park. The park was designed by A. Menelas and I. Ivanov. The parks environment is filled with decorative pavilions in medieval gothic style.


Dragon-bridge((Sculptor M.Schwartz 1862) Dragon-bridge((Sculptor M.Schwartz 1862)
The Chapel (Architect A. A. Menelas) China-village (Architect Charles Cameron, 1782)
China-bridge (Architect Charles Cameron, 1776) Grand Caprice (Architects V. I. Neyelov, I. K. Gerard, 1770 - 1774)

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Tsarrskoye Selo

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