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Vsyo te dje myi: nam tseliy mir tchugbina; Otechestvo nam Tsarskoe Selo... Alexander Pushkin


Cathedrals and churches in Tsarskoye Selo were made by the most talented architects of Russia during 200 years. Before revolution there were more than 20 churches in city Pushkin. Only some of them have been saved after Revolution and each of these churches has kept its own secret.

Sophiyskii Cathedral
Sophiyskaya square, 1,tel 465-47-47
Majestic classical building was constructed by the Named Order of Her Majesty Catherine II. It was built from 1782 till 1788 (architectors were Ch. Cameron, I. Stasov). Since 1817 Sophiyskii Cathedral became the cathedral of glorious Leib - Guardian Hussar Regiment and battle trophies of Russia had been saving there. After 1917 it was in ruins. It was closed in 1934 and used as store - house. It burnt some times. But Sophiyskii Cathedral was returned to The Church in 1989.
Catholic Church
of Saint Ioann Christiner

Dvortsovaya street, 15,tel 451-68-40
It was built in 1824 - 1826 years by architector D.Adamini. Money were given by the Emperor Alexander I and his family. There was burial - vault of the Princess Lvovich. She was a wife of Great Prince Constantine. In 1838 it was "liquidated". Since 1991 the divine services are renewed and concerts also are there.
Znamenskaya Church
Dvortsovaya, 5, Tel 466-24-90
It was built more than 10 years from 1734 till 1746 by the Order of Cesarevna Elizaveta Petrovna(architectors were M.G. Zemtsov, I.Ya. Blank) The main state persons, court lyceumists and Pushkin too, visited it. The icon of God's Mother Sign was kept there. People thought that it was wonder - working icon and it could protect the city from cholera and fires. After Revolution it was plundered and after great patriotic war it was closed. Believers got it in 1991
Church of Saint Julian Tarsiyskii
Cadet's avenue, 15
It was the church of Leib - Guardian Regiment of His Majesty. It was built in honor of wedding the last Russian Emperor and Empress in 1899 (architectors were V. Kuritsyn and S. Danini). There was cave - temple under the church. In 1924 it was closed by Communists. But building was saved.

Feodorovskii His Majesty Cathedral
Akademicheskii prospect, 14
It was built by the Highest Order of Nicole II from 1909 till 1912 (architector was N.A. Pokrovskii). Down cave Cathedral was sanctified of the name of Saint Serafim Sarovskii. That church was favourite church of the last Tsar family. Not far from it Fedorovskii town was built. It looked like fairy - tale house and it was used as hospital during World war I. (There Sergei Esenin served). Cathedral was closed in 1934 and since that time it had been plundered and destroyed. In 1991 it was gotten to The Church.

Church of Kazan God's Mother (on the Kazanskii cemetery)
It was built by Order of the Empress Catherine II (architector G. Kvarnegy). It was mausoleum of her young favourite the Prince Lanskoy. He died during hunting when he felt down the horse. This church was sanctified on March 8 in 1790. It worked till 1924. Nowadays the great ruins are restored by The Church.
Chapel of Sanctifier Nicole Chudotvorets is restored and it is situated near church.

Chapel of Saint Prince Igor Chernigovskii.
Moskovskaya street,24, tel465-47-47
One of the most beautiful Cathedrals - Cathedral of Catherine - wasn't saved till nowadays. It was situated in the center of Tsarskoye Selo on the square which was surrounded by alleys from all sides. Cathedral was built by the Order of Nicole I in 1840. But during one of white nights on June 5 in 1939 it was destroyed.

Lutheranium Church of Christ's Revival.
Naberezhnaya street,4, tel470-77-63
It was built by architector A.F. Vidov by the project, which was confirmed by the Emperor Alexander II in 1860 - 1865. It worked till 1937 and then it was closed by authorities. It was sanctified in 1977 again.

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